Friday, March 7, 2014

Seam between two realms

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Tongue

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Walk

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Prisoner of Fear

prisoner locked by fear ahsan digital painting

Self locked prisoner bound & gagged in fear of being an outcast bask in the light of holiness,
thought its only when you let go of fear you see who you really are & if you are worthy of heaven.

"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, 
than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence."
Mahatma Gandhi

Photoshop, No refernce

Friday, June 7, 2013


Ahsan digital paintings - Gaia

Ahsan digital paintings layers

Gaia at the face of the endless universe


2012 - Photoshop, No reference

Monday, January 14, 2013

Save us from the LAADHEENEEEEE

OH most definitely, the logo suggests u to take a bite(or byte) off the forbidden fruit of knowledge!
Its definitely LAADHEENEE. not only that but social media, search engines, chat programs,mobiles are also ladheenee that encourages mix gender communication in private!
Also photo/video editing software are also LAADHEENEE.
Its like trying to recreate what god made & people might start worshiping or "Following" You! #Ladheeneegram

In fact it would be better if the government strapped everyone down in a cell, arrange our life for us, assign work to build the community, finding us a suitable mate &  make other choices in life.
The government should create a daily schedule of eating, praying, reciting quran/gain islamic knowledge(Government approved of course), cleansing (“DONT U DARE TOUCH UR PRIVATES!!”),  working for a mandated period, bit of social time with the family & sex time with the wife (DONT even think of touching her ass - its just too close to hell!! O_O).

Perfect to continue on for a lifetime
You see people just cannot be trusted to make their own choices.

There's no crime
Everyone will be monitored by the government & there will be severe punishments for anyone who disobeys

No rapes
U will only be able to see the husband the government assigned for u (a match made in government)

No corruption
Cause the government is the law & the law cannot be illegal - plus maldives cannot have laws against islam, so we know ….there’s ...nothings WRONG with the law ...aehhehe he hmm........

AND best of all NO OUTLAWS!!
Cause if they r not part of the system, they r NOT part of islam which is subject to execution or banishment… the sea “Swim...Swim to people who accepts u, OUTLAW!! -_- ….oh that shark accepts you, so sweet”
(What??!... its not against law/islam to throw out infidels, Vatican does it! France banned hijab! why cant we ban infidels! <_< why should we be **This sentence has been deemed a violation against Nationl security & has been CENCORED **)

Strength through unity, unity through faith - Its the PERFECT system! because everyone here has faith its the perfect system! so who is to say its not  ...oh look a shark!

This has been "Ravings by a lunatic", So please pay no attention him & carry on with your life!
We are Maldivians, Maldives is our country & WE ARE OK! ... We are Mal............

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Silent Apocalypse

Most of you may not know but the world was set to end on December 21st 2012!
It was averted due to the heroics of an anonymous Maldivian from from my FB friends list

It all started on December 17th when i made an innocent post on facebook, unbeknown to me that would cause a ripple effect resulting in 1 death & saving billions........

17th December 2012
I was browsing the web reading news articles & i came across an interesting article regarding solar flares that could occur on 21st December!
The day the Mayan (rightfully so) predicted the world could end!
 However i didnt give it much thought, i just mearly shared it on fb.
It was still lingering in my mind, i mean it wasnt like an outright confession that they were going to assassinate someone by toxic gas, it was subtle with a hint of ominous truth.

hmm curious..... NASA says there's going to be a solar flare on 21st December 2012, there might be some power outage across the equator & the northern hemisphere,

18th December 2012
As usual i woke up & went to work, it was a busy day it was until noon that i logged into fb. There, it was waiting for me, The little red mark!
it all came flooding back the article from NASA! the solar flare. person Y has liked it & X has commented on it, i had to read it again this there was too many question unanswered but when i pressed the link it didnt seem to work!
X even suggests END OF DAYS but i naively justified they must have moved the page or somehow it got misplaced, now i know the page was removed by NASA! (refer to image for full transcript)